Not So Mumsy

Name: Marcia Leone aka Not So Mumsy

Live: Sydney, Australia

How did you start:

NOT SO MUMSY has been a work in progress since I was pregnant, but I only put the wheels in motion after deciding not to return to my pre-bub position in television.

I wanted to create an inspirational, non-judgmental space for like-minded, new- generation mama’s who love, embrace and celebrate motherhood but also place importance on retaining a sense of self and style.

Essentially I see NOT SO MUMSY as a hub to inspire and admire other mothers and also as a platform to promote cool stuff I discover along the way.

Blogging fits perfectly into my lifestyle- not only do I combine my love of fashion and photography with my writing and marketing background, but I can do it from anywhere- which means we can travel as a family when my husband is overseas. We just spent the Northern summer in NYC and hope to do Europe next year.

I hope to continue to grow and use my platform to share stories of inspirational mothers doing all sorts of fabulous things, partner with more amazing brands and continue to partner with charities and help do some good.

Something we don’t know about you:

In my early 20s I worked for a high end French bistro in NYC’s Upper East Side. I met many celebrities including SJP, Goldie Hawn, Cindy Crawford & Donald Trump.

Must have products in your handbag:

At least one pair of sunglasses, organic lip balm with an SPF, hand sanitiser (I’m an organic loving germaphobe), and of course my iphone (and camera, if it fits!) I also must add, that in addition to these items you will also find a bunch of useless receipts, half eaten crackers, random transformer limbs & a spare pair of spiderman undies.

Must have products for your small person:

Organic baby wipes, paw paw ointment and sunscreen, Archie’s blankie “nana” which is the beautifully soft organic Sapling Child snuggle wrap, ipad mini & a selection of capes and masks.

Secret spot:

Sydney has so many gorgeous hidden Harbour beaches that you have to walk down overgrown paths to find. Most of them are deserted mid-week. If we have the time, a day trip down south to Berry or weekend road trip Jarvis Bay is an instant re-charger.

Tantrum tamer:

Until 6 month ago- it was the boob! THE perfect tantrum tamer. I’m still working out what the new tamer should be. If it’s in public then straight up bribery usually does the trick #motheroftheyear- thankfully these are quite rare.

more on Marcia’s breastfeeding journey here:

What do you like about social media?

Connecting with and being inspired by so many like-minded, wonderful women. Instagram has a real sense of community and I have made some solid life long friendships.

What do you dislike about social media?

It can be addictive- and a time vortex. It’s important for me to make sure I have time away and spend a day or so off-line each week. I also find that having a public account you are kind of “open for criticism”- thankfully I haven’t really experienced it (yet?) but seeing the bullies and negative comments on other accounts makes me a little wary- especially when we are dealing with kids. Some people seem to forget there are real people, and families behind these accounts.

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